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To Catch the Moonlight - a poem by Emily Shrode

I wish I could flow.

Not know where I go.

Could be high.

Could be low.

'O to catch the moonlight.

Although I cannot know why

I still look down on the sky.

Could you think of what you might do

to find reflection outward? or inside of you?

Do you yearn to catch the moonlight?

It feels so easy to

grasp out of my reach.

But I stretch only to

find my own hand won't breach.

I wish I could catch the moonlight.

Et à ce moment je pense

sur ma raison d'écrire ceci.

Un sentiment d'alliance.

Un souhait de clairvoyance.

Les idées donc j'ai aucune.

J'espère que je pourrais attraper le clair de lune.

I hear so many songs

and drink in their meaning.

I understand what belongs.

Yet my own song I'm never singing.

I must catch the moonlight.

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